Agricultural Empowerment and Youth Employment

Rural youths in Nigeria and Diaspora have the potentials needed to participate effectively in agricultural development.
Majority of agricultural policies and programmes formulated in this counties do not consider constraints confronting
youths involved in agricultural development. Major problems encountered by youths in agriculture include lack
of interest in agriculture as a result of drudgery in farm operations, lack of competitive market for agricultural
products, lack of start-up capital, inadequate labour saving technologies for ease of operations, inadequate
finance/credit facilities, among others. As a result, they are faced with serious economic challenges which result
in undue poverty and vulnerability. This has also made youths to seek employment in other sectors of the
economy in order to empower themselves economically, resulting in rural-urban migration and leaving the bulk
of agricultural production in the hands of old people who often times produce at a subsistence level. In view of
this, BeTTerLIFE Feeders has introduced several agricultural programmes such as Youth Employment in
Agriculture Programme (YEAP) aimed at reducing poverty and vulnerability. However, efforts made in reviving
agriculture through rural youth programmes have not given the desired results. Governments at various levels
are encouraged to promote youths in agriculture through creating awareness on Youth Employment in
Agriculture Programme to enable young people to know about the programme and participate actively for
enhanced agricultural productivity, increased food security as well as empowering them economically.